Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Gnasty Gnorcs World

End of 2017 until around March of 2018 I had the pleasure to work with Airborn Studios for Toys for Bob. Art Director Josh Nadelberg wanted us to do a lot of work for Spyro Reignited. It was a joy revamping this old gem, interpreting and honoring the work from the old team on this project.
We as Airborn Studios provided not only concept art but also full service from artwork to game-ready maps through our 2D and 3D pipeline.

The second world I got to work on was the last area of the first game - Gnasty Gnorcs area. I worked with Johannes Figlhuber and mainly Mario Manzanares on these maps. We had a lot of freedom given by art director Josh Nadelberg in coming up with the wonky and weird architecture of the Gnorcs. It was a blast to get through these levels.

Airborn Studios:
Johannes Figlhuber:
Mario Manzanares:

Simon kopp spyro gnorc a

Gnasty Gnorc - Twighlight Harbour

Simon kopp spyro gnorc b

Gnasty Gnorc - Loot