Glott's Hop

This concept shows a different approach on the small town 'Glott's Hop' of the british people in Cryteks 'Ryse - Son of Rome'. This is not an official concept art for the game!
I used 'Ryse' as a base to build an own concept for this small village. I visited the guys of Karakter ( ) a few weeks ago and started this artwork there under the guidance of Tobias Mannewitz. He had been art director on 'Ryse' for several months.
I wanted to create a matte-painting for a long time, but never got around doing it. The week with Karakter was the perfect time to finally do it. Thank you guys again for the feedback and the help.

This is a non-commercial project and will not be sold. I used fotos from several more sources than:
... and many others.