Ori and the Blind Forest - Game Art

In May 2014 I joined Moon Studios in their effort to deliver 'Ori and the Blind Forest' to the audience. This is a collection of screenshots showcasing areas of the game on which I had - in my opinion significant impact.
I did not create any of these places singlehandedly. Its all a team effort and much of my work based on the efforts of others!

These are the members of the Ori and the Blind Forest artteam:
Max Degen
-> https://www.artstation.com/artist/maximiliandegen
Johannes Figlhuber
-> https://www.artstation.com/artist/jaster
Anna Jasinski
Herdis Jakobsen
Kaja Reinki

Simon kopp 47

Mount Horu Entrance

Simon kopp 2015 03 14 00001

Forlorn Ruins Heart Room

Simon kopp 21

Forlorn Ruins Caves

Simon kopp 25

Forlorn Ruins Entrance Area

Simon kopp 24

Forlorn Ruins Outside Areas

Simon kopp gamecomancestraltree

Ginso Tree Ability Tree

Simon kopp gamecombashd

Ginso Tree Bashing

Simon kopp 52

Ginso Tree Water Rising

Simon kopp 9

Sorrow Pass Peak

Simon kopp 43

Sorrow Pass Cave Systems

Simon kopp 31

Moon Grotto Caves

Simon kopp 41

Sunken Glades

Simon kopp 28

Below the Spirit Tree